What We Do

Nibroc Excavating specializes in a wide array of services tailored to meet the specific needs of each excavation project. Their expertise encompasses land clearing, where they efficiently remove vegetation and debris, and site grading, ensuring a level and stable base for construction. They excel in precision trenching for utility installations and drainage systems and are adept at creating robust housepads for new home construction. Nibroc’s team also handles detailed foundation excavation necessary for sturdy building structures. With a focus on safety and adherence to regulations, they provide reliable, high-quality service, making them a trusted partner in any excavation or site preparation project.

At Nibroc Excavating, we expertly deliver our over-excavate building pad service, ensuring your construction projects have a solid foundation. Our team digs beyond the actual dimensions of the building pad, removing unsuitable soil and filling the space with engineered material. This method guarantees a stable, compact base for your structure’s longevity and safety. We use the latest equipment and techniques for precise depth and compaction, always considering the specific soil conditions and environmental factors. By customizing our approach, we lay a firm foundation for durable and robust building structures, demonstrating our commitment to quality and precision in every over-excavation project.

At Nibroc Excavating, we specialize in comprehensive site-clearing services, ensuring your land is fully prepared for any construction project. Our team efficiently removes all vegetation, debris, and obstacles, transforming any terrain into a clean slate. We handle everything from tree removal to brush clearing with precision, ensuring that the land complies with all project specifications and regulations. Our approach prepares your site for the next phase of construction and considers environmental best practices, ensuring the clearing process is as sustainable as it is effective.

In our final grading services, Nibroc Excavating guarantees a level and adequately contoured landscape vital for the completion of your construction project. Using advanced equipment and techniques, we skillfully manipulate the ground surface to ensure proper drainage and stability. Our team pays close attention to the details of slope and elevation, ensuring that the final grade meets all necessary building codes and client specifications. By providing a perfectly leveled and prepared site, we set the stage for successful construction, landscaping, or any subsequent project phase.

Nibroc Excavating offers driveway grading services, expertly creating a smooth and stable base for your driveway. Our team efficiently levels the ground, ensuring proper slope for drainage and a solid foundation for paving. We use advanced equipment to achieve the ideal contour and compactness, addressing the specific requirements of your driveway project. This service is crucial for laying the groundwork for a durable and functional driveway, tailored to fit your property’s layout and needs.


Nibroc Excavating offers expert building demolition services and efficiently clears sites for new construction. Our skilled team carefully dismantles structures, using advanced techniques and equipment to ensure a safe and effective process. We plan and execute each demolition with precision, focusing on the specific needs of the structure and its environment. This approach ensures minimal disruption and adherence to safety and environmental standards. Our demolition services effectively remove old buildings, preparing the site for its next development phase.

Nibroc Excavating specializes in asphalt and concrete demolition, effectively breaking down and removing old pavements and structures. Our team handles the demolition process efficiently, employing robust techniques and machinery to ensure quick and thorough removal. This service is vital for projects requiring clearing existing asphalt or concrete, making way for new construction or renovation. We focus on completing the task with minimal disruption while adhering to safety and environmental guidelines and preparing your site cleanly for its next phase.

Nibroc Excavating provides rough plumbing trenching services, expertly digging trenches for your plumbing infrastructure. Our team efficiently excavates the required areas, ensuring precise depth and width according to plumbing specifications. This service is essential for laying the groundwork for plumbing systems in new construction or renovation projects. We focus on accurate and safe trenching, preparing your site effectively to install plumbing pipes and fixtures.

Nibroc Excavating excels in residential multi-family site development, efficiently preparing land for apartment buildings, townhouses, and other multi-unit residential projects. Our team skillfully handles every aspect of site preparation, from land clearing and grading to utility trenching and foundation work. We ensure that the site is perfectly primed for construction, considering factors like drainage, soil stability, and access roads. This comprehensive service is crucial for the successful development of multi-family residential properties, setting a strong foundation for the construction phase and future habitation.

Nibroc Excavating offers commercial site development services, effectively preparing land for business parks, retail centers, and other commercial constructions. Our team tackles the unique challenges of commercial projects, handling land clearing, grading, and foundation preparation with precision. We also manage the intricacies of commercial utility installation and parking lot construction. Our focus is on creating a site that not only meets the specific needs of your commercial project but also adheres to all regulatory standards, ensuring a smooth transition from site development to construction and eventual business operation.

Nibroc Excavating specializes in complete septic system installations, providing end-to-end services for residential and commercial properties. Our team expertly handles every installation stage, from site evaluation and design to excavation and system placement. We ensure that each septic system is installed with precision, meets environmental regulations, and is tailored to the property’s specific needs. This comprehensive service includes the installation of tanks, drain fields, and all necessary components, ensuring a fully functional and efficient septic system built to last.

Nibroc Excavating delivers proficient utility trenching and installation services, essential for both residential and commercial projects. Our team efficiently digs trenches to the required specifications for various utilities, including electrical, gas, water, and telecommunications. We ensure accurate depth and alignment for the safe and effective placement of utility lines. After trenching, we proceed with the careful installation of these utility conduits, adhering to strict safety standards and regulatory requirements. This service is vital for establishing the necessary infrastructure for modern living and working environments, laying the groundwork for reliable utility access.

Nibroc Excavating offers construction demolition services, effectively dismantling existing structures to clear sites for new projects. Our team efficiently handles the tearing down buildings and other constructions, utilizing robust methods and equipment for safe and thorough demolition. This service is crucial for projects that require the removal of old structures, whether for renovation, redevelopment, or complete repurposing of the site. We focus on completing demolition tasks with minimal disruption while strictly adhering to safety guidelines and environmental regulations, ensuring a clean and prepared site for future development.

Nibroc Excavating provides pool demolition and backfill services, efficiently removing outdated or unwanted swimming pools and restoring the land. Our team carries out the demolition process with precision, ensuring the complete breakup and removal of the pool structure. Following demolition, we perform thorough backfilling, using quality materials to fill and level the excavated area. This service is essential for homeowners or property managers looking to repurpose their outdoor space, ensuring a smooth transition from pool removal to land restoration, ready for new landscaping or construction projects.

Nibroc Excavating specializes in digging for footings, a crucial step in laying a solid foundation for various structures. Our team expertly excavates the designated areas to the precise dimensions required for the footings, ensuring stability and adherence to building codes. This service is vital for the initial construction phase, whether for residential homes, commercial buildings, or other structures. We focus on accurate and efficient excavation, setting the stage for solid and secure construction and laying the groundwork for the overall integrity and longevity of the building.